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How Do I Sell Beats Online?

The big question most beat makers and producers ask, especially when starting out is "how do I sell beats online?"  Are you just recently starting out?  Do you think you know the methods to help take your sales to the next level?  You may be surprised that there are more methods than you think!

More and more beat makers and producers are hitting the scene at a rapid pace to sell beats online, thanks to music production software like FL Studio 10, Reason, Cubase, and so forth.  However, while the talent out there is definitely growing, it seems that the marketplace for beats are not.  Perhaps it's because you as a new beat maker or producer don't yet know how to actually get your feet into the market online.  And that's where you can find the answers and help you need here!

"How DO I sell beats online?  Is it difficult to start?  Do I need to put tons of work in?"  There are so many questions that come about the mindset of new beat makers, that more often than not, most beat makers only hit up a spot like Soundclick or MyBeatShop.com to sell beats.  Sound like you?  If so, don't worry, you're not alone!  But with some mind training, some tips, and some resources to help you along the way, you can learn how to sell beats online more effectively, and change that beat sale a month to more!  Do you know how to use email marketing to your benefit?  Want to learn how?  Still interested?  Then continue reading on!

I'm not promising you the world and saying that you'll sell twenty beats a day, every day, for the rest of your life!  Remember, the marketplace IS very competitive!  However, most beat makers don't even take the time to learn how to sell effectively, and usually stick with one routine or site.  Trust me, that's how I started as well before taking my Genycis.com hip hop beats site to where it is today!  However, you're here now, and learning more here will help get you ahead of the game!  You too can open your mind and sell beats online like a pro if you put the work in and read on!

Put the question of "how do I sell beats online?" to rest today and start finding out how you can increase your beat sales even further!  Click below to join today, and start learning how to sell beats more effectively!

How Do I Sell Beats Onilne Book



Still not sure yet?  You can click on the link below instead and join today!  You can then download a mini ebook of some tips that you can use to start helping you to increase your sales more, and decide if you want to purchase the ebook afterwards.  You owe it to yourself and your beat sales though to learn some tips and start selling more than a beat or two a month!  

Don't hold yourself back, learn more, and sell more today!  And after you're done and making more beat sales than you were starting off, and someone asks you "how do I sell beats online like you?", you can give them some pointers... or send them here to pick up their copy as well!

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