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Thank you for visiting the How Do I Sell Beats Online shop.  At this time, you will find the How Do I Sell Beats Online - Beat Selling Guide available here, which is an ebook I wrote compiled with various tips and methods that you can use to promote yourself even further with selling hip hop beats online.

As time progresses, I will try to write more information as well to add to the website.  If other ideas come up as well, I will also add them to this shop.  My goal is to bring to the site, different things that can help you with selling beats online.  I may also incorporate special soundkits that can help as well in the near future, such as sounds that I have at my other site at SoundsForBeats.com Soundkits.  After all, sounds also help make great beats which in turn helps them to sell even more.

A quick reminder for you:  Please make sure that you allow emails from Genycis@yahoo.com to be received so that you don't miss out on any updates or other bits of information that may be sent to you.

You can proceed to the products list in the shop below.  And thank you for visiting the shop here at How Do I Sell Beats Online!

FULL VERSION Beat Selling Guide

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