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Marketing by email is a very effective method.Marketing by email is probably one of, if not the best tools that you can utilize on your hip hop beats website (or hip hop beat site you may be showcasing your beats on instead, that may allow you to use this tool on their website) that will more than help along the way.  Email marketing has definitely more than tripled the beat sales that I've made, all by adding an opt in box for people to join.  But you have to also know how to do it and how to get them to join, and that's where the How Do I Sell Beats Online Beat Selling Guide can help you further!

There's nothing shady at all about having an opt in box for people to join your site.  It's just another method of getting your hip hop beats heard, similar to Twitter marketing, only, you're not tweeting all of your followers, you're sending an email to all of your subscribers.  Think about it.  You've probably joined shopping sites in the past which have in turn, kept you up to date with information and sales and so forth.  Companies all across the globe have been using email marketing as a means to market their companies to their customers over and over again, as well as making sales.  

Selling by email has been something that has been going on for quite some time now, and it works.  Regardless of how many other new methods may come out to market a company, whether hip hop beats, clothing, perfumes, or whatever may be sold, email shows to be the most effective method of all, and with good reason.

If you think about it, marketing by email is very effective, especially for the long term.  As long as you use it effectively and don't try to spam or email every single day or more than a few times a week, you can make great use of email marketing for your hip hop beats site.

"So how do I go about setting this up on my own website anyhow, and how does selling by email help sell beats?"  If you are trying to find out how you can go about adding this valuable tool onto your hip hop beats website, it's not really too difficult at all.  Some people hear the term and seem to be automatically intimidated into thinking that it's something they might as well not incorporate onto their website.  But it's really not difficult at all, and marketing by email is a great benefit once it's implemented.

Don't let the competition jump on this option before you have a chance to get it off the ground.  It's not difficult at all, and once you learn email marketing and have it set up, you'll be able to really elevate your potential to sell even more beats to your visitors and members, and you'll really wish that you had set this up as one of your main options of selling beats a lot sooner!  If the bigger companies around the globe can benefit from this great tool, why shouldn't you?  After all, you do have to see selling hip hop beats a bit as a business as well!

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