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Marketing by video is probably one of the more effective methods you can use to promote your hip hop beats site.  It has actually proven to promote just about any type of market altogether, ranging from videos advertising new household products, to internet marketing tools and methods, to diet pills and weight loss.  So why can't it work just as effectively for hip hop beats and promoting your website?

The truth of the matter is that it can.  However, there are probably more people thinking that you have to create this long winded hip hop video in order to promote your website.  While doing that may help, marketing by video doesn't have to be so complicated at all.  You can use Youtube to broadcast yourself and make just as much of an impact!  You don't need to find actors or actresses to create an official music video as though you were submitting it to MTV or BET.  Sometimes, it can be the subtle things that you do that help bring even more traffic than you can imagine.  And it's the subtle things that you want to try with your videos and promoting so that you build even more traffic to your site altogether.

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So exactly what are some of these little things that be done to help promote your hip hop site (or any site for that matter) more so than having to make a long and drawn out "music video"?  How can you use Youtube to broadcast yourself and sell beats more effectively?  How can some tips on marketing by video help you to potentially make some sales off of your Youtube videos?  

If you are either looking into expanding on your videos even further with some tips that can help, or, if you want an idea on what you can do that can help you start up your efforts to gain some traffic from the videos you create, you'll want to sign up below now so you can learn how you can go about obtaining some information that will help you jump start things with your Youtube videos, or any vids for that matter.  And while this information applies for how you can go about marketing by video to promote your hip hop beats website, you can still learn and use some of the same methods and tweak them to your market as well to help boom your traffic and your sales!

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Don't hold yourself back, learn more, and sell more today!  And after you're done and making more beat sales than you were starting off, and someone asks you "how do I sell beats online like you?", you can give them some pointers... or send them here to pick up their copy as well!

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