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Marketing with Twitter is a very effective method.  Join below for more info!While many people know of Twitter and use it regularly, marketing with Twitter in itself is a whole different ball game.  Most hip hop producers that tweet probably either tweet way too much about themselves, or tweet the same link over and over again without any substance to it.  

Let's face it, no one wants to keep seeing the phrase "yo, get these beats for $x.xx at such n such link".  People see that as constantly repetitive, and will more than likely unfollow you, especially if you're using this type of promotional tweeting early on without many followers as it is.  And that's if you're lucky to not be victim of potential banning from using it altogether!  Is this a way you want to promote your beats in Twitter?  Probably not.

"So how does a hip hop producer go about marketing with Twitter more effectively anyhow?"  This is a question that without a doubt, some beat makers or upcoming hip hop producers want to know.  I'm sure you as a hip hop beat maker have probably seen many a tweet from people with the same type of message I mentioned above, that same annoying repetitive type of tweet that makes you want to blast horrible words to the one who posted it up.  It's not effective, yet so many people continue to use it.  

However, there are ways to use Twitter more effectively to promote beats, and to sell beats effectively.  Granted, that doesn't guarantee beat sales for every single tweet you post, or else everyone would be posting constantly!  But with time, you can sell with Twitter as well, so it is definitely a tool you'll want to learn how to use also!

Marketing with Twitter however can be done much more effectively than the repeat tweet, and when done properly, can boost your followers, whether you follow them first or don't even find them to begin with, and, will more than likely bring you more sales or leads to more sales as well.  Remember, Twitter is not just a site you use to promote your beats on hip hop beat sites, or to blast your followers with annoying tweet after tweet.  And there are some tips or thoughts that you'll want to find out to elevate your Twitter use to generate more leads that may wind up at your message to buy beats!

Learn how you can find some helpful information that can help your marketing with Twitter to be more effective, impacting, and less annoying to others!

Buy a copy of the How Do I Sell Beats Online Beat Selling Guide below now for more information and start to sell with Twitter today!  Don't let the competition blow you away with their effective tweeting, join them and make more sales in the process as well!


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Don't hold yourself back, learn more, and sell more today!  And after you're done and making more beat sales than you were starting off, and someone asks you "how do I sell beats online like you?", you can give them some pointers... or send them here to pick up their copy as well!

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