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Search engine optimizing your beats site will have great benefits with search engines!  Learn more by joining below!Something you can do that will serve as a traffic builder for months and years to come is search engine optimizing.  Also referred to as SEO, search engine optimization is a great tool in that it helps your site to be found by people that enter certain keyword phrases into the search engine and come across your page.  Imagine optimizing your website and having someone doing a search for "hot hip hop beats" and coming across your website where they can start doing some beat shopping.  Regardless of how powerful Facebook may become, or how often people use Twitter, search engines will always be around to provide you with the information that you're looking for.  So why not use it to your advantage to provide those who search with your website as the option to help them?

Search engine optimizing is not difficult to perform, but, it can be tedious and can require quite a bit of time, depending on the amount of pages on a website you have.  Don't let the sound of this overwhelm you to where you decide your site will only be one page long.  Again, it's not as difficult as it sounds at all, and once you complete your website, it's only a matter of doing minor changes and maintaining different pages at different times to keep your site fresh.  Over time, it can be a very powerful tool that brings you sales simply by having people find your site through search.

While some hip hop producers are starting to create their own sites, when you design your own website, you'll want to make sure to perform some search engine optimizing onto your site early.  Don't let it overwhelm you again, as you do NOT have to optimize your website completely before putting it up.  Optimization is an ongoing process that you can do at any time, and on any or all of the pages of your website.  However, you will want to make sure you do implement this into your website, as it can be the difference from now and later as to who will find your website by specific keywords, and who may completely bypass your site altogether because you never optimized it to begin with.

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