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Rap Beats For Sale - Make Your Music Stand Out Now!

If you are looking for high quality, original rap beats for sale for your mixtape, album, or other music project, you are at the right place.  With over 700 beats available in a large and constantly growing variety of styles, moods, and tempos ranging from east coast beats to r&b instrumentals and more, you'll be able to find beats for your projects that will fit just about any track or song you have in mind!

Need Hot Rap Beats For Sale?  Buy 1 Get 1 Free Today at! has been delivering and selling more and more rap instrumentals and hip hop beats to countless hip hop artists, rappers, lyricists, singers, and even business owners looking for an original sound for their business needs.  And with more and more instrumentals constantly being added, you'll always find beats for not only your current projects, but any future projects that you have as well!

I have been producing and selling hip hop beats for over 10 years now, and continue to strive not only to bring you high quality, mind impacting original rap beats for sale, but I also continue to strive to bring you great affordable prices, great bundle deals, and solid customer service, something I continue to also receive compliments on as well.

So if you are serious about your craft, about your mixtape, album, video, single, business presentation, or just about any project you can think of in need of high quality hip hop beats that will make you stand out, pick up a beat or two today from Beats!  I thank you in advance for your business and look forward to doing continued business with you for years to come as well!  Much respect!

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A Large Growing Variety of Rap Beats For Sale For Whatever Style You Need

If you're looking for a constantly growing variety of rap beats for sale to fit your project needs, then you'll be sure to find them here at Beats!  Whether you're looking for some gritty gangsta beats to set off your street flava mixtape, or need something more calm and grounded, you'll find them here. 

Have a single in mind with more of an upbeat vibe to it that you want to give a club feel, check out the club beats here.  If you are an R&B singer looking to set off your next album with some deep melodic r&b instrumentals, you can find them at as well!  Need something with more of a dark, gothic horrorcore feel to fit your track or video?  You can also find a variety of horrorcore beats here as well!

With more and more beats being added monthly to Beats or even sooner than that, you'll be sure to find what you need to set off your music, or your business presentation as well!  After all, I make beats not only for mixtapes, but for ANYONE looking to use some of my beats for whatever project in mind!

Don't Settle For Actual Artists' Beats - Get High Quality Rap Beats Here!

I like to tell upcoming rap artists and singers all the time, you cannot keep using beats and instrumentals from actual artists to get your own music across.  You may be able to play around as a hobbyist, but if you are looking to promote your own official music, especially if you want to SELL your own music, you can't go download a bunch of beats from well known artists, and then try to promote or sell your music.  You will face problems, and big ones at that!  So why put yourself through that when you can buy original rap beats for sale at a great price from Here instead?

More and more people try and try to download beats that are on Rick Ross albums for example, or from a J. Cole album, but while you can do that to simply throw together a simple track you may record on your cell phone, if you want people to take you seriously, you HAVE TO BE SERIOUS yourself.  And that's where investing in your craft comes in.

At Beats, I strive to give you great prices for beat leases, along with great deals as well!  It's as simple as that!  If you're curious about the offers, simply drop me an email today at for more info, I'll be glad to help!

If you're looking for more along the lines of exclusive beats for sale that only you will be using on your tracks instead of beat leases, I have that as well.  You can check out the exclusives I have right on the site, or, you can contact me for more information on something more custom that you are looking for and I can advise you further.

And with Over 700+ Beats available, you will be sure to find something that fits either what you have in mind, OR, you may just find some beats that inspire you to write some new material right on the fly!

Let your talents shine, and your music impact even harder with original beats instead of finding instrumentals from your favorite mainstream artists... you can't do much with those beats at all.  But you CAN push your music forward when you use original beats from Beats, so pick up your beats today and don't put your craft and music on halt any longer!

For The Lyricists Out There Writing Fire, Draw Your Fans In With Hot Rap Beats For Sale

I'm gonna tell you straight up.  If I had to choose a genre that I enjoy more than all other hip hop styles, then I will easily tell you that the east coast tracks of the 90's is what inspires me.  I got into listening to hip hop music more in the 90's, when lyrics were really powerful and skillfully put together by some of the greats of the Golden Era of hip hop.  And that in itself has inspired me to make the beats that I make today as a result.

I was inspired by who I consider the "Greats" of hip hop:  Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Big Pun, Mobb Deep, DMX, and countless others in the 90's that really inspired me.  I actually used to write believe it or not, and that's what got me into making beats.  But soon after, I fell in love with the beats I'd hear form a lot of the artists that I enjoyed listening to, and I let that era inspire me to make the hip hop beats that I make today!

If you are not familiar with the 90's era of hip hop at all, you may want to get familiar with it.  But at any rate, it was the era of lyricists, and there were many of them.  And I know for me, though I really enjoyed the lyrics that I heard from a lot of my favorites growing up in that era of hip hop, the BEATS are what caught my attention and lifted up the lyrics that they were writing about, in my opinion.  Which leads me to my next point below!

Your Lyrics Can Be Hot, But Hot Beats Really Draw In More Fans To Listen To Your Music

The same applies today as it did back then and as it has been for music in general!  Think about it:  Could you hear Kendrick Lamar tracks WITHOUT any of the beats he spits over?  Or would you really enjoy J Cole's album nearly as much if it were all a capella?  Or could you really get into any hot R&B artist if their work was without deep instrumentals as well?  I'd guess not.

It Isn’t A Hot Track Without A Hot Beat from! Get Hot Beats For Your Music and Make Fire Today!Lyrics are great, don't get me wrong.  I think that you need good lyrics in a track to really bring the listener to the message you are delivering, whether you rap or sing.  But in all honesty, more and more fans and listeners listen to the words consciously and the beat subconsciously, but are drawn more to the beat oddly enough.  I've actually not liked tracks nearly as much if the lyrics were powerful but the beat was horrible, versus listening to decent lyrics with a great beat.  And I know many that feel the same as well.

And this is why you MUST have original, mind impacting beats to really deliver your message across, ESPECIALLY if you are a lyrical artist or songwriter more so than a club artist or commercial artist.  I'm talking about really impacting story type tracks versus the club hop tracks where the lyrics are nowhere near as important as long as you have a catchy hook and hot beat.  But unlike a lot of producers / beatmakers out there now, I don't produce beats strictly to fit that club type of trend (though I do have some club beats and others that fit that style too), I produce beats more so if anything for the masterful lyricist who really wants to set off his or her lyrical skills on the mic with a mood setting beat to get the point across even further!

After all, when you impact a listener's mind with something great, guaranteed, they will be back for more and more from you, so be sure to pick up some mood setting original rap beats for sale from Beats today, and draw those listeners in with some serious, mindbreaking tracks!!

And if you're not a lyricist, or rap artist, or singer / songwriter, you can still benefit from high quality rap instrumentals as well.  In fact, if you are a business person looking to promote a product, you can benefit as well, and that brings me to my next point below!

My Beats Work Great For Your Business Youtube Videos As Well - Get Your Beats Now!

Need Hip Hop Beats For Marketing?  Get Beats For Your Videos To Make Your Business Video Presentations Really Stand Out!Let's face it, more and more people are using hip hop beats for just about everything now.  It's not just about mixtapes or albums anymore, it's about promoting, period!

With the rap beats for sale here at, you can not only use them for music needs, but you can really get your point across with your Youtube video as well, even if you're not a musician.  If you are a product owner or an affiliate for another product and looking to promote your product with some mood setting instrumentals, you can find a variety of them that will fit your needs here!  If you are putting together a documentary, doing sports videos for Youtube, creating comedy spoofs that need beats, doing rap parodies, or even launching your own video series or competition show, you can find beats and instrumentals to fit your needs here!

I aim to create beats of all kinds of moods, so simply check out the catalog today and you can find some original hip hop beats to set off your video presentation or Youtube movie or shows as well!

AND REMEMBER, Youtube is cracking down more and more on people using instrumentals from well known artists and either shutting their videos down or banning them.  So don't let your video get banned, that will cost you money!  Instead, pick up an inexpensive beat or two from Today and elevate your presentation to get your point across, AND to get those sales!

No Matter What You Do, You Can Do It Better With Quality Rap Beats For Sale Here!

As I've expressed above, whether you are a rapper, a hip hop artist, mindful lyricist, deep singer / songwriter, or a business person looking for high quality hip hop beats for your presentations, documentaries, Youtube movies, video shows, and so on, you will find a large and growing catalog of original rap instrumentals here at Beats!

So if you are a dark horrorcore rap artist looking for dark horrorcore rap beats for your album, has it!

If you are a talented singer / songwriter looking for powerful and mood setting r&b instrumentals for your album, has it!

If you are a hip hop artist looking to put out a track with an international feel and need some world hip hop beats, has it!

Want high quality underground beats to add some pizazz to your Youtube video or product promotion? has it!

Looking to release your lyrical talent onto a bangin' mixtape and need hot storytelling rap beats? has them too!

No matter the project that you have in mind, if you are looking to elevate it to the next level and want high quality original hip hop beats to set it off and to draw your crowds and audience in, you can find them at Beats today!

Stay Updated On The Latest Beats By Bookmarking and Joining Today!

Keep yourself updated on the latest going on by being sure to BOOKMARK today!  I continue to add more and more beats regularly, so do be sure to check back often for more and more beats that will be added.

And in addition to Bookmarking the site to your browser, you can join for Free today to stay updated on emails when new beats are released, special sales are launched, to save on beats with discounts, and more!

Thank You For Your Visits, Your Business, And Spreading Word About My Rap Beats

For 10 Years now, has been providing hip hop beats to a large variety of hip hop artists, rappers, lyricists, singers, songwriters, and business people alike!  I strive to continue making more and more quality beats because I know the value of quality, especially when you are aiming to promote your music, get yourself and your brand known more and more, and when shopping or pushing your music to A&Rs to have them enjoy what you send as well.

Get Bangin’ Beats at and Make Hot Music!Along with the compliments that I continue to receive over the quality of my hip hop beats, as well as the original sound and large variety that I have, I also continue to gain compliments on my customer service, because I value YOU as my customers and as upcoming artists and business people alike.  It is because of customers like you that continue to visit my site, that continue to buy beats from me for your next projects and so on, that it has been possible to reach this 10 year anniversary and beyond, and so I thank YOU for visiting, for buying, for coming back, for joining and staying updated, and for spreading word to others about the site as well!

I continue to value you, and look forward to doing business with you throughout this year and many years to come as well!  For as long as God Gives me strength, I will continue to produce more and more beats so that I pass the 1000+ Beats mark and beyond!

A Sincere Thank You to all of you for visiting, for sharing and spreading word to others you know that rap or sing or need beats for their businesses, and thank you for YOUR business as well!  I do appreciate it, and look forward to hearing what you put together with my rap beats!

If you're looking for quality rap beats for sale for your current or future project, don't hesitate to see what has to offer, and I look forward to doing business with you today! Main Links


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