Check below for projects and collaborations created with beats by Genycis.  Bought a beat from any of the beats in my catalog?  Send me your completed and clear track you created with the beat you purchased from this site and email it to  All submissions will be thoroughly reviewed.  If you have a website link that directs to the track you created with beats purchased from this site, send the URL link as well.

Collaboration with Amma Johnson for her Second Album Release this August 2009.  Music at

The release of the second album by Amma Johnson, self titled "Amma Johnson", an album that proves to be an inspirational and motivational album compiled of many different styles and flavors.  Be sure to pre-order your copy now by clicking HERE.

Also check for the Hit single "I Win" featuring an exclusive beat provided to her, courtesy of Genycis of, as well as beats by Genycis on the tracks "Get Up And Dance", and an exclusive house beat provided to the fire track, "No Stopping Me Now"!

To read more about Amma Johnson, click Below:

Also check out the video on her page "The Kingdom", an album to be released in 2010... beat on the video provided by Genycis of

Collaboration with GitMunnyGangg and his crew on an upcoming album.  Visit them at

With mad swagger, and a dirty south feel that would make other artists envious, this group plans on doing more and more to push out their album, and to get the south blazin' even more!  Featuring a beat from the Genycis catalog, the track "Lookin' Like Munny" is turning heads and having more and more people feelin' the swagger of these independent artists.  Be on the lookout for more tracks to come, and more work from Genycis to be provided as well. Main Links


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