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Beats For Sale - Buy Rap Beats & Hip Hop Beats For Songs Here Now

If you are a rap artist, hip hop lyricist, or R&B singer, you're probably looking for beats for sale often.  After all, unless you plan on being a one hit wonder, you always have to have fresh new beats to use in your next music projects, whether you need beats for songs or some hip hop beats for your mixtape or album release.  No artist should ever stop writing music, and even more so, not buy rap beats again unless you're either making them yourself now, or hired a producer that will do the beats for rap that you need.  Otherwise, you'll want to continue to check through online for the beats for sale that will fit your music needs!

Buy Rap Beats That Are Unique And That Add Mood

Most people now, at least from what it seems, are buying beats for sale that seem to tie back to the commercial feel that is on the radio.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that to a degree.  But, if everyone is trying to mimic everyone else, then the hip hop beats market is going to pretty much be saturated with the same sound, and beats for songs that sound almost exact to the tee.  And that will eventually lead to no one really being interested in the music out today.  I'm sure you hear more and more people saying they wish the 90's were back given the constant copycatting of beats from other beats and so on.  I prefer a large range of originality and different styles of hip hop beats for sale, so I try to continue creating a range and staying versatile.  I'm not trying to make club instrumentals only, just because the market is higher for them now.  And to me, it's the originality that I bring that continues to interest rap artists, singers, and fans all across the globe.  When you buy rap beats at, you're not just buying beats, you're buying originality and adding value and flava to your mixtapes, albums, and so on!

Hip Hop Beats For Sale At Great Prices

Of course, where the competition continues to dominate the beats market, the prices have to also remain in competition.  And with that said, I do my very best to deliver great prices and extreme value for you when you buy rap beats at  Most sites offer beats at a certain price, which lets you know that you're pretty much getting what you see at face value.  However, the beats for sale at are low in price, high in quality, and bring extra beats when you buy rap beats today!  If you buy just one beat today, you'll be able to choose an additional beat of your choice free with your purchase!  So you're already getting beats for sale with a Two for One Special.  Or if you're looking for an album and need a chunk of hip hop beats to use, you can get what I like to call "The Album Special" where you buy 4 beats for sale, and get 7 additional beats of your choice for Free!  Of course, you don't have to use all the beats on one album... you can save a few for another project down the line!  It's whatever works best for your projects with the rap beats for sale that you buy here.

If you're looking for hott hip hop beats for sale that will elevate and amplify your mixtapes, albums, music videos, and more, you're at the right place at Beats!  You'll get high quality bangin' hott beats for sale in a large variety of styles and flava with over 500+ beats available, and more always being added!  You'll get a great deal in multiple beats for a great price.  And I also plan on having a showcase area where I can display the tracks that you created with the hip hop beats that you used from here as well!

Don't hesitate.  Make your music sound like fire!  Buy rap beats or hip hop beats for songs that will blaze the crowds!  Make fire with fire and get bangin' beats for sale at today!

Trying to release an album?  A mixtape?  A demo?  Still unsure?  Don't debate... get your beats for rap, beats for hip hop, or other beats and instrumentals today!  With a large and growing variety of hip hop beats, rap beats, club beats, r&b beats, reggaeton beats, dark beats, story type beats, horror beats, old school beats, new school beats, and more, there's no doubt that you'll find at least a beat or two that will make a great addition to your next project.  Whether you're a singer or rapper, you'll be sure to benefit.  Join today, and take advantage of reduced prices just for being a member of!  Every purchase comes with a free beat as well!  Why wait?  Get your beats today,and start making even more hott music today! for all hip hop beats or hip hop instrumentals for rappers, singers, and music artists. is your number one provider for the hottest blazin bangin beats and instrumentals that go hard and free hip hop instrumentals with every purchase when you join. Check out the site and get your rap beats. Buy east coast beats. Buy west coast beats. Buy dirty south beats. Buy r&b beats. Buy your club beats. Buy your commercial beats. Buy old school or new school beats. Buy reggaeton beats. Buy dark vibe beats. Buy horror beats. Buy beats for story tracks. offers hot rap instrumentals and hip hop instrumentals. Also offering r&b instrumentals. Buy instrumentals for story tracks. Get in on some east coast instrumentals. Listen to west coast instrumentals. Buy some dirty south instrumentals. Get old school or new school instrumentals. Buy reggaeton instrumentals, dark vibe instrumentals, horror instrumentals. Whether you need instrumentals or beats for your mixtapes, beats for demos, beats for albums, instrumentals for websites, background music, or beats for music videos, provides. Whether you are a rapper or singer inspired by music by Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, Joe Buddens, or a singer inspired by Ne-yo, Trey Songz, or Beyonce, get your instrumentals today! Free beats and free instrumentals for download or free beats are available as part of a promotion special, beats on sale, offer with purchased beats or instrumentals. Get free beats today by leasing beats at for hot hip hop instrumentals made in FL Studio, hip hop beats made in fruity loops, and with hip hop samples and music instrument sounds created by Genycis and sold on that you can use in FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, and other beat maker programs that play soundfonts. for Sounds For Beats for you to make hot beats in FL Studio and Reason and other music production programs that use hip hop samples, drum kits, and music instrument sounds and soundfonts to make hip hop beats, r&b beats, or rap instrumentals.  FL Studio for your hip hop beat creations.  Also join Genycis pages on myspace, facebook, and twitter, and check the blog and post comments on the blog.  Also check for hip hop videos and hip hop news, the blog at or  Much respect to rappers, singers, and overall music artists doing music. Main Links


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