Are you looking to increase your website or web page traffic online?  Looking to add more subscribers or prospects to your site, or build exposure to even more potential clientele?  If you have a website, or web page such as Myspace, Rocbattle, Soundclick, or any other profile page on a social network that you're looking to bring more traffic to, you can place a banner ad with today!  Whether you're looking to just build a few extra visitors for your site, or trying to generate more steady traffic, you can create a simple banner ad to help promote your site presence even further and pay a minimal fee for each month (or months in advance) you decide to advertise your website on!  Start building even more clientele to your website today, and place your advertisement on!

Send an email at with questions or to request advertising for your specified advertising plan.  Serious inquiries only.  Please specify details and attach your image (if you are using your own image) for your advertising campaign and send it via email.

How do I advertise with

Advertising with is simple!  All you'll need to advertise is a catchy ad image that you wish to submit to, and an advance payment for a specific time period that you are trying to advertise.  There are no worries about Pay per Click, or Pay per Impressions advertising!  Advertisement is simple, and you decide the payment and timeframe you want your ad to run for.  Your ad will then be added to the website for advertising.

What plans are available, and how much does advertising cost with

As mentioned earlier, cost for advertising is relatively low especially in comparison to some websites that charge over $1,000 for ads to be displayed for a short term period.  At, you choose the timeframe you wish to advertise for, and the payment plan that works for you.  Once you have paid for your advertising, and have submitted your image for advertising (if you choose... more info below), your ad will be added to for the timeframe you specified with your payment.  Listed below, are the options you can choose from for your advertising.  The price plans are below:

Placement of Ad

One Week Price

One Month Price

Three Month Price

Six Month Price

One Year Price

728 x 90 Top Banner on Homepage






728 x 90 Middle Banner on Homepage


Monthly Advertising -  15.00 For One Full Month

Three Month Advertising  -  $25.00 For Three Full Months

Six Month Advertising -  $40.00 For Six Full Months

Yearly Advertising  -  $50.00 For an Entire Year

Here are also some other options that you can choose either instead of, or in addition to advertisement banners:

Word Link instead of a graphic image:  $5.00 per month per page you want the ad displayed.  Or pay $20.00 for a 6 month period per page.

Email Blast to Subscribers:   $15.00 for one email article with your information that is sent to all members of

Twitter Advertising to Followers:  $10.00 per week to have your website and some keywords tweeted to all followers of Genycis on Twitter

Some key things to also know about advertising with so that you're fully aware, and fully prepared:

*  All prices above are for one area on one website page of advertising for a 728 x 90 Leaderboard style ad banner on the Home Page of

*  All prices above are for ads in which you provide the image that you are wanting to be added to the advertising rotation for your website or business.

*  If you do not have an image to provide and wish for one to be created for you, an additional $2.00 charge will be added to your final total.  Be sure to specify what you are wanting the ad to say, and an ad will be created for you.  (we design the ad to best capture the eyes of visitors.  However, if you want an ad to appear a specific way, you will need to submit your image instead.  There are no custom requests for images, only the wording that may be specified)

How do I pay for advertising at

All payments for advertising can be paid via Paypal either by Paypal funds, or by credit card or check card via Paypal.  Once you have decided upon the campaign setup that you wish to use, you will send an email to with your specifications for advertising.  Once this has been confirmed, you will receive a Paypal payment request via email.  Simply use the email to make your payment.  Once payment clears, your advertisement will be prepped up for advertising, and you will receive an email once your ad has officially been placed on the website.  Once the ad is placed on the website, this starts your timeframe for advertising.

If you have questions or want to request a custom advertising setup and negotiate payment that you feel will work best for your campaign, we can discuss your campaign plans further in depth.  You can email me at with more questions or negotiations for advertising.

Please note, reserves the right to modify or decline any and / or all ads that it deems as solicitous of such content as porn, medication, and other content that it deems inappropriate to be advertised on  Prices are subject to change without notice, but in the event of price changes, your current campaign will remain honored until it ends.  Any future marketing campaigns after that will fall under the newer modifications.

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