About "How Do I Sell Beats Online"

How Do I Sell Beats Online is a website that was designed with you, the hip hop producer or beat maker in mind, trying to find and learn methods to use to help build more traffic and promotions to your website or webpage.

Whether you have a profile and showcase page on a hip hop beats site, or you have another location to where your beats are posted after you make hip hop beats, you'll want to know how to effectively promote your beats with different methods that will help you build relationships with artists and singers, that will help you build more traffic to your website or hip hop beats site profile page, and ultimately, that will help sell more and more beats as well!

With so many hip hop producers and beat makers coming onto the scene with great music production programs such as FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, and others, there is more and more competition that is coming about that may make selling beats more difficult.  However, it seems that while there is more competition out there, there are more and more as well that are not using a variety of methods to help build traffic and sales, and that's why How Do I Sell Beats Online was created:  To help You to build on those methods that most don't seem to think about or utilize.

I, G. Lopez aka Genycis of Genycis.com Beats and SoundsForBeats.com, created How Do I Sell Beats Online as a means to bring help to those of you that want to build on selling beats, but aren't completely aware of how to start, or where to start first.  Regardless of whether making hip hop beats is a passion, a hobby, or simply to make money from it, you have to treat the actual promotion of your beats as a business.  And with my having experienced horrible sales early on when I started, versus the methods I've tried and experienced benefit from, I wanted to bring it forth for other beat makers and producers like you to help as well.  

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