Designing Your Own Website

Designing your own website... above all methods, I would probably have to rank this as the number one option in my opinion.  If you really take a moment to think about it, there are more and more hip hop producers that are slowly moving to this method of selling beats.  After all, you want to start branding your name and have people know who you are, versus trying to pull you from all the other producers on a hip hop beats site.

And sadly, while there are some beat makers doing their own websites, there are even more producers that bypass this method as a thought at all, seeming to have their Soundclick hip hop sites linked onto a URL.  There are probably more hip hop producers now with tweaked pages on Soundclick than when I first started using it some years ago.  Yet it's funny how I still don't see nearly as many official sites up and running as you would probably think.

Design your own website for selling hip hop beatsAnd that's where the plan to designing your own website now at this time is of great benefit to you.  I can tell you first hand that I've made more money after making my own hip hop beats site to showcase and sell my beats from than I ever did on Soundclick, Rocbattle, and so forth.  It just pays to have your own.  

While a large percentage of hip hop producers or beat makers seem to go the Soundclick or route, they are missing out on the potential to capitalize on having their own website to showcase their hip hop beats.  And with the percentage of beat makers that have their own sites being low at this time, it allows you to come into the scene with a chance of making great impact on the market with your own hip hop beats website.

So exactly what it is about going the route of planning and setting forth to designing your own website?  Why should you go about the design of your own hip hop beat website as opposed to just doing what everyone else is doing and create your own profile page on someone else's site?

I wouldn't rule out creating profile pages on other beat sites at all, as you can check out my thoughts on hip hop beat sites.  However, there are some pretty good benefits that come with your own website that you would want to consider benefiting from.  

Don't let other up and coming beat makers and hip hop producers beat you to the punch!  Learn the benefits that you can gain when you push forward in designing your own website to sell your hip hop beats from, and elevate your beat sales even further!!  Buy my ebook below to serve you as a guide, and start amplifying those sales!  You'll be glad you did, especially when you start seeing more beat sales coming through!


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